ICMC Renews its Commitment to Safety and Dignity for Beneficiaries and Staff

ICMC Renews its Commitment to Safety and Dignity for Beneficiaries and Staff 1
ICMC Code of Conduct

Ever striving for exemplary professional behavior and uplifting relations with the people it serves, and for decent and respectful working conditions for its staff, ICMC recently revised its Code of Conduct.

This revised Code of Conduct emphasizes the obligations and responsibilities of staff to comply with the fundamental principles of human dignity and human rights and to follow the highest standards of integrity.

Given ICMC’s mission of service to vulnerable populations, the Code focuses on the protection of beneficiaries, partners, and staff. It addresses topics such as discrimination, safety, confidentiality, and conflict of interest.

The Code offers a comprehensive framework, accompanied by clear definitions of expectations and staff responsibilities. Some rules were revised to better align with accepted humanitarian standards and with Catholic Church Teaching and Tradition of service to those most vulnerable and in need. Other rules address new realities, such as social media.

Among the amendments are specific guidelines aimed to prevent sexual abuse and exploitation, demonstrating ICMC’s strong commitment to a zero-tolerance policy. In this regard, the Code mandates awareness-raising among staff, reporting, and disciplinary procedures.

Even if national legislation or local practice may be more tolerant of certain behaviors, the Code applies high standards to all staff, at all times and in all places. In this way, ICMC aims to prevent any risk of exploitation of beneficiaries or of other staff members.  Along with the signing of the new Code, all staff will be required to attend appropriate training to ensure that they fully understand their duties and obligations.



ICMC provides assistance and protection to vulnerable people on the move and advocates for sustainable solutions for refugees and migrants.