Building a Common Home for All Members of the Human Family

ICMC advocates for migration and refugee policies that promote the dignity and respect the human rights of all people on the move. To achieve this, we partner with civil society and faith-based organizations. And we lobby governments, intergovernmental organizations, European institutions and UN agencies. Inspired by Pope Francis’ message of compassion and love, we put at the center of our advocacy the contributions of uprooted people, to ensure their voices are heard.
Building a Common Home for All Members of the Human Family
Making Migration Beneficial for All
ICMC advocates to ensure states deliver on their commitments for the benefit of migrants — regardless of their status — and of receiving communities. This includes effectively implementing the Global Compact for Migration adopted by over 150 states in 2018. We work with key civil society actors to promote integration and access to services for all migrants. We oppose xenophobia and criminalization of migrants and those helping them.
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Seeking Protection and Long-Term Solutions for Refugees
ICMC works to ensure protection for the most vulnerable people fleeing their homes because of war, persecution or human rights violations. We advocate for more solidarity with countries affected by major refugee crises. And promote stronger accountability in the implementation of the Global Compact on Refugees. We encourage states to accept more resettled refugees and to ensure their integration.
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Protecting Children on the Move
Children, particularly those unaccompanied, are among the most vulnerable people on the move. They face all kinds of dangers, including diverse forms of exploitation. As children lack political or social influence, their needs are often ignored or forgotten. We advocate for stronger protection mechanisms, so that states respect the rights and dignity of refugee minors.
Survivor of human trafficking
Countering Human Trafficking
Sometimes, migrants and refugees fall prey to traffickers. Those who survive carry with them the trauma and stigma of having been trafficked. In some cases, they risk retaliation. ICMC advocates for boosting anti-trafficking awareness-building campaigns to forewarn people on the move. We also call for effective and rapid identification of survivors, plus protection services addressing their particular needs.
Building a Common Home for All Members of the Human Family 5
For Welcoming and Fair European Policies
Millions of refugees are in need of resettlement to a third country and the European Union has an important role to play in offering them protection. ICMC Europe advocates for more and better resettlement opportunities and complementary admission pathways for refugees, including humanitarian corridors, family reunification, and humanitarian visas. It also advocates for more humane, transparent and effective asylum, migration and integration policies.

What Do We Mean by Advocacy

This 90-Second Animation Shows How Advocacy Contributes To Better Migration and Refugee Policies.


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ICMC provides assistance and protection to vulnerable people on the move and advocates for sustainable solutions for refugees and migrants.