Opening Europe’s Hearts and Doors

Many people forced to leave their homes because of conflict and persecution seek safety in Europe. Some come to join family or looking for new opportunities. Others arrive via organised protection programmes, while some are victims of human trafficking. ICMC Europe works to support newcomers and the communities that receive them by promoting partnerships with European and national institutions, civil society organizations, and community and faith-based groups. We seek to open hearts and doors to welcome refugees and migrants.
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Building Welcoming Communities for Refugees
The Share Network supports cities, towns, and smaller and rural communities willing to welcome refugees and migrants. Share works to expand refugee resettlement and complementary pathways of admission. It offers training to local communities and promotes community-based sponsorship. Engaging with European, national and local networks and stakeholders, it coordinates best practice exchange, conducts research on integration and ensures the voices of refugees and migrants are heard.
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Expanding Integration for Newcomers in Rural Areas
Europe’s rural areas are making an increasingly important contribution to welcoming refugees and migrants, but can lack the resources and expertise to support their welcome and orientation. The Share SIRA project fosters integration and inclusion in 10 rural regions in four European countries. The project works with regional and local actors – regional and local authorities, civil society organizations, migrants, refugees and local communities – to promote newcomers’ participation in social life through multi-stakeholder collaboration and pilot new integration approaches that contribute to rural development.
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Supporting Community Sponsorship Initiatives
Over the past years, several countries have launched community-based refugee sponsorship programs to help reduce the gap between urgent refugee resettlement needs and resettlement opportunities offered by States. The Share QSN project supports such initiatives in seven European countries, and advocates at European level for policies that promote more and better community sponsorship. It organizes workshops and activities that promote leadership, capacity-building, awareness-raising, evidence-based programme development and collaboration between the various actors involved in developing these programs.

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ICMC Europe’s platform on refugee resettlement and migrant inclusion
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For Welcoming and Fair European Policy
Global refugee needs are at an all-time high, and Europe should play a leading role in ensuring protection and the respect of human rights. To prevent further deaths at sea, ICMC Europe advocates for greater solidarity and more humane and effective EU asylum and migration policy. Join Share in advocating for more resettlement opportunities and complementary admission pathways for refugees in Europe, and better conditions for refugee and migrant integration.
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Enabling Evidence-Based Policy and Practice
Effective policymaking and practice depend on good data. Together with partner organizations, ICMC Europe conducts research and maps successful practices in migration and development, human trafficking, refugee resettlement and complementary admission pathways, and refugee and migrant integration. Research findings provide the base of evidence for our advocacy and inform our ability to build the capacity of practitioners and governments.
MADE West Africa partners
Promoting Migration and Development in West Africa
ICMC Europe’s Migration and Development (MADE) West Africa project promotes diaspora engagement, protection of migrants’ rights and good mobility governance in the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). Through workshops and seed funds, it builds the capacity of local organizations in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Guinea, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Togo. To prevent human trafficking, MADE West Africa fosters fair recruitment and legal migration opportunities.



Adoption of the URF: A Chance for the EU To Bring More People to Safety

April 11, 2024

The URF, adopted alongside the EU Pact on Asylum and Migration, offers a glimmer of hope for refugees across the globe. 22 civil society organizations call for it to be fully put into action to create a more protection-focused approach to refugee resettlement.


36 Organizations Welcome EU Decision to Extend TPD for Refugees Fleeing Ukraine

October 24, 2023

ICMC Europe, the SHARE network, and 35 other organizations welcome the EU’s decision to extend the Temporary Protection Directive for Ukrainians until March 2025. They also urge EU Member States to ensure these rights are accessible in practice, and that long-term protection measures be put in place.


Share Network: Seven Priorities to Expand Resettlement and Safe Pathways to Europe

September 19, 2023

Ahead of EU Member States submitting their pledges for the EU resettlement scheme by 15 September, we call on leaders to ambitiously expand safe pathways to international protection and better reflect Europe’s capacity to welcome.

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