Ukraine: Need to Continue Aid, Coordinated Catholic Response

Source: Catholic Health World

ICMC calls for continued collaboration via Catholic Response for Ukraine for people displaced and otherwise affected by the war. Speaking one year after fighting started, ICMC's Secretary General outlined support to date and the ongoing need for aid, including assistance for victims of landmines.

Catholic Response in Ukraine Focused on Psychological Support


The Church is called to welcome newcomers as sisters and brothers and advocate for just and fair migration policies, Msgr. Robert J. Vitillo told Swiss German media The ICMC General Secretary reported on the Catholic response to war in Ukraine, noting the need for psychological support.

Ukraine: Catholic Organizations Responding to Displacement Crisis

Source: The Heights

Support for those displaced by the Ukraine war must include efforts to protect women and children, the ICMC General Secretary said at an event at Boston College (USA) about the Catholic response in the region. ICMC is partnering with the local Church and other groups, Msgr. Robert J. Vitillo added.

The Holy Family was forced to flee, too

Source: Vatican News

In his Christmas message this year, ICMC's Secretary General, Msgr. Robert J. Vitillo, reminds us that the Holy Family was made up of internally displaced persons, who later became full-fledged refugees when Herod threatened the life of the Holy Child. Today, more than 100 million displaced people suffer the challenges Mary and Joseph did.

Asia: ICMC President Urges Action by Church on Migration Issues

Source: Vatican News

Migration is “big business,” ICMC President Christine Nathan told the Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences (FABC) at its General Conference in Bangkok. Speaking on migration, labor, and human trafficking, she outlined actions the Church can take to address challenges linked to human mobility.

ICMC Says Ukraine War Displaced Facing “Tremendous” Needs

Source: Vatican News

Those forcibly displaced by the Ukraine war face “tremendous” needs as winter approaches, says Msgr. Robert J. Vitillo. In this Vatican News interview, the ICMC Secretary General talks about Pope Francis’ hope-giving appeals for peace and the work of the ICMC-convened Catholic Response for Ukraine.

ICMC Urges Action in Nigeria to Stop Violence and Displacement

Source: ACI Africa

ICMC and other organizations called on Nigeria’s government to protect the lives of its residents and address root causes of violence and displacement in the country. The 26 September statement to the UN Human Rights Council noted an earlier appeal by Catholic Bishops to address growing insecurity.

ICMC Co-Organizes Community Sponsorship Workshop at Vatican

Source: Vatican News

A community sponsorship workshop co-organized by ICMC and the Canadian Embassy to the Holy See explored ways to strengthen programs of refugee welcome to ensure better sustainability. The Canadian program could serve as a model for initiatives in other countries, said the ICMC Secretary General.

ICMC Official: “A Name Is a Sign” for Service to the Marginalized


ICMC Secretary General Mgrs. Robert J. Vitillo draws strength from St. Robert Bellarmine as he strives to bring the light of the Gospel by serving the poor and marginalized. In this interview in German with, he reflects on his name and how his namesake inspires him in his work with people in need.

Church Helping Ukrainian Refugees Living with or Affected by HIV

Source: Crux

At a 27 July interfaith event before the 2022 International AIDS Conference, the ICMC Secretary General affirmed work of the Church in Poland and Ukraine to walk with forcibly displaced people living with HIV. He highlighted Catholic anti-trafficking efforts and support for those hosting refugees.

Ukraine crisis needs longer-term solutions: Msgr. Vitillo

Source: AgenSir

In early July, ICMC Secretary General, Msgr. Robert J. Vitillo, spent a week visiting in solidarity with displaced people in Ukraine and refugees in Poland. Speaking for the Catholic Response for Ukraine (CR4U) working group, Msgr. Vitillo at the end of the trip participated in discussions at the European Parliament, pressing for longer-term solutions as the war continues.

World’s Ukrainian Bishops Gather in Poland

Source: Catholic News Service (CNS) in Crux

The Bishops are meeting for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic began, to feel the 'fraternal unity of the global Church' at a moment when pastoral care is crucial for both people directly affected by the war and to those clergy and laypeople responding in local communities to provide for the needs of refugees and displaced persons.

ICMC Elects First Asian as New President

Source: Radio Veritas Asia

ICMC elected its first Asian president, Christine Nathan, a member of the Migrant and Labour Commission of the Archdiocese of Bombay in India, reports Radio Veritas Asia. An education and labor specialist, she sees fighting discrimination and protecting migrant workers’ rights as key areas for ICMC.

Pope Says ICMC Can Make Visible the Church’s Care to Migrants

Source: Vatican News

ICMC can “give a face” to the care that the Church offers to migrants and refugees worldwide, Pope Francis told the organization at the start of its Plenary Council meeting on 30 May. He thanked ICMC for helping the Church respond to migration challenges over the past 70 years, such as in Ukraine.

ICMC Official Urges Use of Humanitarian Corridors in Ukraine

Source: Vatican News

As well as swift assistance, humanitarian corridors need to be established in Ukraine to allow safe passage for those affected by the war, ICMC Secretary General Msgr. Robert Vitillo says in this interview in Italian with Vatican News about the Catholic response to forced displacement in the area.

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