ICMC started its annual distribution of winter items to Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanian families

Amman, 19 November 2015 - ICMC Jordan started this week its annual distribution of essential winter items, which will help Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanian households get through the cold winter months.

Winters in Jordan can frequently bring temperatures well below the freezing point, especially in the remote desert areas where the wind whips across the plains. Refugees and vulnerable Jordanian families in the region often live in basic accommodation or in tents, which are not well insulated, thus exposing them to natural hazards.

As the Syrian conflict continues to worsen, the needs of people fleeing the country are constantly increasing. In addition, prices in Jordan are high for Syrian refugees, who struggle to cover their basic needs: five years after the beginning of the war, their savings are almost completely depleted. Vulnerable Jordanian families also struggle to keep themselves warm during the harsh winter season.

ICMC distributes winter items in JordanICMC distributes heaters and other winter items in Jordan. Photo: ICMC/Nathalie Perroud On 18 November, ICMC distributed heaters, gas cylinders, gas refill vouchers, and blankets to 135 households in Ar Rwayshid, a remote town in north-eastern Jordan, 75 kilometres from the Iraqi border. ICMC's staff and volunteers registered and checked the identity cards of the selected beneficiaries, handed out coupons, unloaded trucks, and assisted beneficiaries as they carried their winter items. In the past months, a team of caseworkers and volunteers had carefully selected the families in particularly vulnerable situations through extensive outreach assessments in the region.

“Thank you ICMC for your kind support and assistance. I very much appreciate it. Thanks to this heater, gas cylinder and blankets, I will be able to keep my family warm during the cold winter, which can be really harsh in this remote area”, a Syrian refugee woman said to one of the ICMC staff members.

ICMC will continue to distribute winter items to Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanian families over the next few weeks, aiming to complete winterization assistance by mid-December. In total, winterization assistance will be provided to 800 households in various regions of northern Jordan, including in remote areas, thanks to the generous funding of the US Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (BPRM).