ICMC’s Resettlement Support Center on Track to Meet Annual Targets 

The ICMC-operated Resettlement Support Center in Türkiye and Lebanon has assisted in the resettlement of one-third of its yearly target from 1 October to 31 December 2023.  

ICMC’s Resettlement Support Center on Track to Meet 2024 Targets 
Children at the ICMC Resettlement Support Center for Turkey and the Middle East. ©ICMC/Nathalie Perroud

The Resettlement Support Center offices in Türkiye and Lebanon (RSC TuME) has facilitated the resettlement of 2,829 refugees to the U.S. in conformity with the first quarter of the U.S. fiscal year. . Among the refugees resettled during this period, 1,923 were resettled from Türkiye and 906 from Lebanon, meeting 33% of this year’s goal of departures to the U.S. This marks a substantial increase from prior quarters. Syrians continue to comprise the bulk of resettlement cases processed by the RSC, followed by smaller numbers of Afghans, Iraqis and Iranians.  

Funded by the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration, the ICMC-operated RSC has been a partner of the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program for over four decades. With offices in Istanbul and Beirut, it is one of nine centers of its kind in the world.  

The annual number of refugees resettled to the U.S. is decided by the Presidential Determination at the beginning of every year fiscal. Fiscal year 2024 started on 1 October 2023 and runs until 30 September 2024. This years’ target is to resettle 125,000 people, including 8,500 individuals processed through the ICMC-run RSC.   

Offering a wide range of services including refugee case processing, cultural orientation, and facilitation of medical screenings, the RSC contributes to making it possible for vulnerable refugees to begin a new life in the U.S. when they can neither safely return to their country of origin nor remain in the country to which they have fled.  The RSC works closely with the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), the UN Migration Agency (IOM), and Turkish and Lebanese authorities. 


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