ICMC Mourns the Loss of Salah al-Duhaim, a Faithful Friend and Diligent Employee

On 16 January 2021, the International Catholic Migration Commission lost a dear member of its Jordan family.

ICMC employee Salah al-Duhaim

Salah al-Duhaim, 51, was a member of ICMC Jordan’s team in Mafraq, where he worked as a driver. His passing due to COVID-19 complication has left an unbridgeable gap in the hearts of his family, loved ones and colleagues in ICMC’s offices in Amman, Mafraq and Irbid. Salah is survived by a large family who were dependent on his care.

Salah joined ICMC Jordan in 2017. Prior to that, he served for 20 years in the Jordanian Armed Forces under the banner of the Special Royal Guard. Following his retirement from the army, Salah worked for some time with an NGO as a driver. He was also an active member of his community in the governorate of Mafraq.

His colleagues at ICMC appreciated him for his cheerfulness, generosity and courteous and pleasant nature. Osama Al-Mohammad, Director for Jordan and Syria, remembers Salah as “the role model for the dedicated employee. He was a generous giver and committed individual and professional.”

This sentiment is echoed by Tawfiq al-Athamat, Logistics Officer at ICMC’s office in Mafraq and Salah’s line manager. “The mere thought of Salah brings tears to my eyes. He was such a calm and well-behaved person. He was always dedicated to his job. He had a cheerful nature. His smile never left his face. He was a very generous and proud man; he would never ask for any favors even if he was in dire need. His passing will be mourned by many of us. Salah’s cheerful personality always brought joy to the people around him.”

Also, from the logistics department at ICMC Mafraq, Ali al-Faw’areh remembers Salah for his patience, cooperation and understanding nature. “As an employee, he brought joy to the office with his happy joyful self.” 

Mohammad Olimat, a fellow driver and a friend of Salah, said about him: “He was such a good son to his mother and a dear friend of mine. Salah was like a brother to me.” 

Expressing his thoughts about Salah’s passing, Ahmad Hudeib, Field Manager at ICMC Mafraq, said: “Salah was such a nice person, he was well-liked by his colleagues. Salah loved his job and was very committed to it. He was such a generous person who was helpful to those in need.”

Recalling his memories from his work visits with Salah, Dia al-Thieb, basic needs Case Worker at ICMC Mafraq, said:  “No matter how long and tiresome the drive was, Salah always made it enjoyable. He was a lovable person. He treated everyone that met him with compassion and understanding and was always considerate of those around him.”

Speaking about his warm character, Taghreed Olimat, basic needs Case Worker at ICMC Mafraq said: “Salah used to come quite early to the office. He was among the first to arrive. Upon our arrival, we could smell the fresh tea he prepared for us. He was such a caring person. He was pleasant with the people around him.”

From ICMC’s Mafraq protection team, Rasha al-Mufleh, Team Leader, described Salah as “adorable and a cheerful person.” “He was beacon of positivity,” she added. “As a person Salah had a good heart. He was such a humanitarian. As an employee and a driver, he was very organized and diligent. He also demonstrated knowledge of the different areas we drove to and the customs of their people. We can already feel the gap he left with his passing.”

“Salah is irreplaceable, he had such a pure heart,” said Ibraheem Batayneh, Logistics Officer at ICMC Irbid, “His passing was a shock to us. He was such a gallant person; he was there when he is needed. He was such a unique person,” added Ibraheem.

To Luai al-Khalidi, a fellow driver at ICMC Irbid, “Salah was more than a colleague for many, he was a brother for all.” Luai also added: “Salah had a kind heart; I cannot remember him having any disputes with any of his colleagues at the organization. He was such a good son and a family man as well. He did not fail in any of his duties towards his family.”

From the Amman office, Yadviga Kirdzik, Program Manager at ICMC, said: “Salah was a family man, always cheerful and positive and I’m extremely saddened to hear about his death. I can only imagine what his family are feeling and going through. My heart goes out to them. Salah and his family are in my warmest thoughts and prayers at this difficult time. May his soul rest in peace.”

And finally, Raad Khair, officer at ICMC Amman shared his thoughts about Salah’s loss: “Even though I had limited contact with Salah, I saw a generous man in him. He had a kind and cheerful heart. As a dear colleague of ours, his loss has resonated heavily in the hearts of every employee at ICMC.”

ICMC Secretary General, Msgr. Robert J. Vitillo, gave thanks for Salah’s quiet and faithful service to ICMC as the organization has responded to the needs of refugees in Jordan. He assured Salah’s family of the condolences and prayers from ICMC colleagues throughout the world and noted that “we will continue to honor Salah’s memory by redoubling our efforts to assist refugees and migrants most in need.”


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