African Bishops Urge Good Governance to End Irregular Migration

Source: Missionari Comboniani

Bishops in Africa appealed to political leaders to discourage irregular migration by strengthening governance and labor and promoting social justice and inclusion. In a 31 July message, the eight regional Bishops’ Conferences (SECAM) urged respect for migrants’ rights and care for uprooted people.

Brazilian Bishops Call on Catholics to Work to End Human Trafficking

Source: Agenzia Fides

The Church is called to act to prevent human trafficking, Bishops in Brazil stressed on the World Day against Trafficking in Persons. Through a video, poster and other material, the Bishops urged Catholics to raise awareness and reflect on ways to address the scourge of modern slavery.

South Sudan: Vatican Secretary of State Visits Bentiu IDP Camp

Source: Catholic Information Service for Africa

The Vatican Secretary of State’s visit to Bentiu IDP camp on 6 July showed the Pope’s closeness with people uprooted by war and natural disaster, said South Sudanese Bishop Stephen Nyodho Ador Majwok. He added that the visit would change the spiritual life of the people in the Diocese of Malakal.

Texas Bishops Call for Immigration Reform After Migrant Deaths

Source: The Tablet

Three Bishops in Texas reiterated national calls for immigration law reform following the deaths of 53 migrants in a semitrailer smuggled into the U.S. In a 15 July video, the Bishops condemned a “throwaway culture” that breeds apathy and the lack of political will to address immigration humanely.

USCCB welcomes the end of so-called ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy

Source: US Conference of Catholic Bishops

The US Supreme Court on June 30th ruled that the US Secretary of Homeland Security has the authority to terminate the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), which forces some migrants to remain outside the US until their asylum cases can be heard. The decision paves the way for the MPP to be formally ended.

Vatican Calls for Better Protection for Migrant Workers

Source: Herald Malaysia

The Vatican has called for better protection for migrant workers, stressing that such laborers are experiencing exploitation despite existing anti-slavery laws. The Migrants and Refugees Section’s July newsletter urges States to take action and highlights Catholic work to end human trafficking.

South African Bishops Stress Refugees’ Right to Protection

Source: The Southern Cross

Attention should be given to whether countries are domesticating international refugee law and welcome practices and promoting acceptance of forcibly displaced people, said South African Archbishop Buti Tlhagale in a World Refugee Day statement from the Episcopal migrant office.

Papua New Guinea: Bishops Call for Action for People on the Move

Source: AsiaNews

In conjunction with World Refugee Day, the Bishops of Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands called for rapid action to facilitate documentation for and integration of West Papuan refugees. Their statement also addressed the plight of IDPs and migrant workers, and the risk of human trafficking.

Filipino Bishops Call for Compassion, Pledge Support for Refugees

Source: Manila Bulletin

Refugees personify Jesus who taught that the stranger should be welcomed, Filipino Bishop Ruperto C. Santos said, in a call for compassion for the forcibly displaced. Ahead of World Refugee Day, the Episcopal migrant commission pledged to support newcomers as they integrate and rebuild their lives.

Hope for Unified Response to Threat of Famine in Somalia

Source: Crux

Somalia’s new president could help the country respond in a coordinated way to the current catastrophic drought, Msgr. Giorgio Bertin, Apostolic Administrator of Mogadishu and ICMC Council member, told Crux. Catholic agencies providing relief are among those warning of the imminent threat of famine.

UK’s Rwanda Plan for Asylum Seekers Delegates Responsibility

Source: Crux

English and Welsh Bishops reiterated criticism of the UK government’s plan to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda on the day the scheme was scheduled to begin. They said the plan abdicated responsibilities to other countries and would increase the suffering of those who had to flee their homes.

Caritas Bangladesh Holds Workshop on Migrant Workers

Source: Radio Veritas Asia

An 8 June workshop in Dhaka by Caritas Bangladesh raised awareness of the challenges facing internal migrant laborers. The event by ICMC’s national member in the country explored ways to improve the lives of those migrating to cities in search of work, where they often find precarious situations.

Polish Bishops: Continued Help Needed for Forcibly Displaced Ukrainians

Source: Catholic News Agency

Polish Bishops have called for continued support to people displaced by war in Ukraine. A more “systematic approach” to assistance in Poland and Ukraine was needed, they said in a message on 7 June and called on the government, local authorities, NGOs and parishes to work together.

South African Bishop Calls for More Compassion towards Migrants

Source: Crux

South Africa must look with compassion on those seeking refuge, the Episcopal lead for migrants told news media Crux. In this wide-ranging interview, Bishop Joseph Mary Kizito speaks about migration challenges in South Africa, the Church’s response and the need for institutional reform.

Church in Hungary Assists Ukrainian Refugees

Source: Daily News Hungary

The Church in Hungary has supported nearly 15,000 Ukrainian refugees at the Barabás border crossing with food, essential items and medical supplies, the Bishops said in a statement following their summer assembly. They added that a program has been launched to help with longer-term integration.

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