Spain: Bishops Denounce Political Instrumentalization of Migration

Source: Info Migrants

Migrants are a "valid and necessary resource on which we depend," Spanish Bishops stressed in a 6 May pastoral address on migration. The Bishops denounced "political instrumentalization" of migration and called for legal pathways, regularization laws, and the closure of migrant detention centers.

Congolese Bishops Condemn Fatal Bombings of IDP Camps near Goma

Source: Vatican News

Congolese Bishops have issued a strongly worded statement condemning 3 May attacks on two camps for internally displaced persons near Goma that killed at least 12 people. The Episcopal Conference called for an independent international investigation into what they said was “a denial of humanity.”

Spanish Bishops Support Initiative to Regularize Migrants’ Status

Source: National Catholic Register

Spanish Bishops raised the need to regularize the status of undocumented migrants and address factors driving migration as parliamentary debate was to begin on a citizen initiative for legal recognition of certain groups of irregular migrants, a move supported by the Episcopal Conference.

Philippines: Displaced Ati People Are Rightful Owners of Land

Source: Agenzia Fides

Bishops in the Philippines are defending the right of return of the Ati people who have been displaced from their ancestral lands on the island of Boracay by property development. “The Ati are the rightful owners of the land,” who live there and earn their livelihood, said Bishop Valentin Dimoc.

U.S.Bishop Condemns Texas’ Increasing Criminalization of Migrants

Source: Nathional Catholic Reporter

Following Texas Attorney General attempts to close Annunciation House, a Catholic migrant shelter in El Paso, TX, Bishop Mark Seitz has critiziced the Lone Star state's escalading efforts to criminalize migration as part of a "broader, brutal, historical project in Texas to criminalize and police people who migrate."

“Priests Need To Walk Alongside Migrants,” Says Pope Francis

Source: Clarion Herald

Pope Francis calls for compassionate action in response to forced migration across the Americas, emphasizing the need for solidarity and hospitality towards refugees. He highlights the dangers faced by migrants crossing the Darién Gap and praises church initiatives providing support and advocacy for migrants.

U.S. Bishop Criticizes Move to Bolster Border Due to Haitian Crisis

Source: Catholic Review

As violence mounts in Haiti, steps by the U.S. state of Florida to shore up its border in anticipation of increased forced migration were critiqued by Archbishop Thomas G. Wenski of Miami. “Right now, to deport people back to Haiti … is just like putting people back into a burning building.”

Don’t Forget Syrian Refugee Crisis, Say English, Welsh Bishops

Source: Crux

Bishops in England and Wales are urging renewed focus on the “world’s displacement crisis” as Syria marks 13 years of civil war and aid funding has sharply decreased. A whole generation has been displaced and denied a right to education, said a representative from the Episcopal aid organization.

Church in Central African Republic Helping Refugees to Return

Source: Vatican News

The Bishops’ Conference in the Central African Republic has been acompanying the government to encourage the return of refugees who fled the country following the outbreak of conflict in 2013 by listening to their needs and providing support for them to reintegrate and rebuild their lives.

Costa Rican Government Must Do More to Protect Migrants

Source: Crux

Costa Rican authorities need to act to protect migrants in transit, who often must depend on gangs for transport, says Red Clamor, a Church-led regional migrant rights group that includes several ICMC members. Migrants who can’t pay to ride government buses are “put into the hands of the criminals.”

Listen to the Voices of Child Refugees, Says Pope Francis

Source: Catholic News Agency

In a message ahead of the first World Children’s Day to be marked by Catholics in May, Pope Francis urged young people not to forget their peers forcibly displaced by war and violence. “We need to hear those voices, for amid their sufferings they remind us of reality,” the Holy Father said.

U.S. Bishop: Border Can Be Managed Without Denying Human Rights

Source: Union of Catholic Asian News

Migration is a “human issue, specifically about the human rights and human dignity of the person,” said U.S. migrant lead Bishop Mark J. Seitz at a recent webinar on border management. He called for bipartisan action to find humane solutions that serve the interests of both the nation and migrants.

German Bishops Denounce Far Right and Ethnic Nationalism

Source: Deutsche Welle

In a rare political comment, German Bishops spoke out against the far-right Alternative for Germany party and its “nationalistic attitude,” condemning in particular extremism and hostility towards refugees and migrants. Such beliefs are “incompatible with the Christian image of God and humankind,” they said.

Church Committed to Supporting People on the Move in Ghana

Source: Agenzia Fides

Care for forcibly displaced people is a priority of the Church, Pope Francis’s envoy to Ghana stressed on a recent mission to the West African nation. Archbishop Henryk Mieczyslaw Jagodzinski visited reception centers in northern Ghana and heard reports of Catholic support for IDPs and refugees.

ICMC Members Hold Training on Working With Migrants in Asia

Source: Matters India

From 12 to 17 February in Manila, ICMC’s members in the Philippines and India and the Vatican Dicastery for Integrated Human Development held a training for 50 pastoral workers supporting migrants. The training provided participants with insights into the needs and challenges of migrants and refugees, and the role of pastoral care.

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