US Bishops Lead Advocacy for Immigration Reform

Source: Catholic News Service

During an advocacy day, US Bishops and other leaders met with lawmakers to urge immigration reform. The current system is “expensive, inefficient, and far too often creates human suffering,” said Auxiliary Bishop Mario E. Dorsonville, calling for efforts to find just and comprehensive solutions.

US Bishops Welcome New Ukrainian Resettlement Initiative

Source: National Catholic Reporter

In a 22 April statement, US Bishops welcomed the Biden Administration’s “Uniting for Ukraine” plan, which is to admit refugees via a sponsorship pathway. At the same time, they expressed concern about limits on entry and access to services and urged a “more robust use of the resettlement program.”

UK Bishop Criticizes Plan to Send Asylum Seekers to Rwanda

Source: Crux

The UK government should lift up people seeking protection, not compound their difficulties, the Episcopal lead for migration in England and Wales said in response to Britain’s plan to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda. Bishop Paul McAleenan criticized the scheme as being at odds with the Bible.

Australia Needs Humane Asylum System, Say Bishops

Source: Vatican News

A new social contract for Australia in pandemic times should protect the disadvantaged, including refugees, said Archbishop Mark Coleridge in a statement to voters ahead of federal elections in May. The Bishops called for a “just, humane and timely system for assessing claims for asylum.”

Southern African Bishops Denounce Xenophobic Violence

Source: The Central Minnesota Catholic

Southern African Bishops have denounced xenophobic attitudes, saying these often cause violence and destroy lives. Days after the murder of a Zimbabwean migrant in Johannesburg, the Bishops underlined the need for all in society to take action to protect uprooted people and promote inclusion.

US Bishops Welcome End of Covid Law Limiting Asylum Access

Source: Catholic Culture

US Bishops welcomed the Biden Administration’s reversal of Title 42, saying the Covid-related law had resulted in mass deportation of asylum seekers and a denial of the right to seek international protection. The 5 April statement called for a humane response to migration at the US southern border.

Central African Cardinal to Advocate for Refugees in Cameroon

Source: Agenzia Fides

Visiting Gado-Badjeri camp in eastern Cameroon, Cardinal Dieudonné Nzapalainga, Archbishop of Bangui, assured Central African refugees he would advocate with the government for security issues to be addressed so people could safely return home. “I have come to collect your sufferings,” he said.

Pope Calls for Kind Welcome to Malta for Migrants

Source: Catholic News Agency

During his 3 April visit, Pope Francis called for a stronger “culture of encounter” through places like the John XIII Peace Lab in Malta. He assured migrants there that they were not forgotten and expressed hope Malta would meet them with the same “unusual kindness” as the Apostle Paul received.

Chilean Bishop Urges Empathetic Response to Irregular Migrants

Source: Agenzia Fides

The new Chilean government should act with empathy toward irregular migrants, not prioritize deportation, said Bishop Moisés Atisha, head of the country’s Catholic migration institute. Writing to the president, he advocated regularizing migration status and creating an advisory body on migration.

Church in Brazil Commits to Working to End Human Trafficking

Source: Agenzia Fides

At a national, multisectoral seminar on 24–25 March, the Church in Brazil committed to working to prevent human trafficking and train leaders in a “culture of care” for survivors and those at risk. The event began with a look at the role of Church, society and State in ending modern-day slavery.

US Bishop: Immigrants Came to Enrich Culture, Not Destroy It

Source: Aleteia

Locals and migrants need to encounter each other at a human level to build welcoming communities, says the US Bishop for migration issues in this interview with Aleteia about immigration, integration, the idea of a Hispanic Catholicism, and the multicultural face of the Church in the USA.

New Vatican Guide Promotes Encounter with Migrants

Source: Catholic News Agency

A new Vatican resource — “Pastoral Orientations on Intercultural Migrant Ministry” — offers Catholics practical guidance in welcoming uprooted people as part of one’s faith. In a context of growing discrimination and exclusion, “the guidelines propose an ever-wider ‘we,’” Pope Francis said.

US Bishops Reaffirm Gospel Call to Welcome, Protect the Newcomer

Source: Exaudi

US Bishops invited Christians to embrace the call to welcome newcomers and to reject the “false choice” between security and humanity. In a 17 March statement, they urged reform of the US immigration system to allow for regulation of borders while respecting the fundamental right to migrate.

EU Bishops Affirm Solidarity of Church’s Welcome to Refugees

Source: The European Times

The head of the commission of EU Bishops affirmed the solidarity of the Church in EU Member States bordering Ukraine in welcoming refugees from the conflict as a reflection of “Christian and European values.” The ongoing war was the focus of the Episcopal assembly, which met in Slovakia.

Church in Hungary Supports Refugees from Ukraine

Source: Vatican News

Catholic dioceses and institutions throughout Hungary are on the frontlines of assistance to people seeking refuge from the war in Ukraine. Bishop Antal Spányi, president of Caritas Hungary, visited welcome efforts in Budapest while a papal envoy gave encouragement to volunteers at a border town.

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