Ukrainian Synod Focuses on Pastoral Care for Refugees

Source: Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church

At their recent synod, Ukrainian Greek Catholic Bishops focused on how best to continue supporting people forcibly displaced by the war. Bishop Stepan Sus, Episcopal migration lead, praised the welcome by parishes in Ukraine and around the world while highlighting challenges the refugees are facing.

Polish Bishops: Continued Help Needed for Forcibly Displaced Ukrainians

Source: Catholic News Agency

Polish Bishops have called for continued support to people displaced by war in Ukraine. A more “systematic approach” to assistance in Poland and Ukraine was needed, they said in a message on 7 June and called on the government, local authorities, NGOs and parishes to work together.

Church in Hungary Assists Ukrainian Refugees

Source: Daily News Hungary

The Church in Hungary has supported nearly 15,000 Ukrainian refugees at the Barabás border crossing with food, essential items and medical supplies, the Bishops said in a statement following their summer assembly. They added that a program has been launched to help with longer-term integration.

US Bishops Welcome New Ukrainian Resettlement Initiative

Source: National Catholic Reporter

In a 22 April statement, US Bishops welcomed the Biden Administration’s “Uniting for Ukraine” plan, which is to admit refugees via a sponsorship pathway. At the same time, they expressed concern about limits on entry and access to services and urged a “more robust use of the resettlement program.”

Churches in Ireland Preparing to Welcome Ukrainian Refugees

Source: Donegal Live

The Church in Ireland is urging parishes to welcome refugees and is assessing how vacant facilities could be made available for Ukrainian families, according to Archbishop Eamon Martin. “This will be an effort of the whole community, both north and south, to open our hearts and our doors,” he said.

Irish Bishops Urge Parishes to Welcome Ukrainian Refugees

Source: Eurasia Review

Irish Bishops are urging parishes on the island to offer a compassionate welcome to Ukrainian refugees, saying it was clear “the Gospel is calling on us to open our hearts and our homes.” The statement, issued after the Bishops’ general meeting, called for “prayerful and practical” solidarity.

Filipino Bishop Praises Decision to Welcome Ukrainian Refugees


The decision of the Filipino government to offer a humanitarian welcome to Ukrainian refugees “will be our gift to the whole world,” said Bishop Ruperto Santos. The Episcopal lead for migration highlighted the success of past efforts by the Philippines to offer refuge to people on the move.

Polish Archdiocese Welcomes Ukrainian Refugees at Bishop’s Palace

Source: Catholic News Agency

The Archdiocese of Kraków is offering refuge at the former residence of St. John Paul II to people fleeing war in Ukraine. Several thousand refugees are living at the Bishop’s Palace and countless other Church buildings as every parish joins welcome efforts, Archbishop Marek Jędraszewski said.

Bishops Welcome Protections for Ukrainians in the U.S.

Source: Exaudi

U.S. Bishops welcomed their government’s decision to give temporary protection status to Ukrainians in the U.S., allowing them to stay and work. Their 4 March statement also called for adequate resourcing of the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program in order to offer refuge to those fleeing the conflict.

Pope Calls for Prayer, Humanitarian Corridors for Ukrainians

Source: Vatican News

Pope Francis appealed for solidarity and refuge for those fleeing war in Ukraine as he announced a day of prayer and fasting on 2 March. “They are brothers and sisters for whom it is urgent to open humanitarian corridors and who must be welcomed,” he said during the Angelus on 27 February.

Church in Lithuania to Welcome Ukrainian Refugees

Source: Vatican News

The Church in Lithuania, together with mayors throughout the country, is starting to welcome refugees fleeing war in Ukraine, Archbishop Gintaras Grušas told Vatican News. He said parishes would be joining Pope Francis’ call to prayer as they prepared to respond to those displaced by the conflict.

Support Irregular Migrants, U.S. Bishop Tells General Assembly

Source: Catholic Review

The Church must not tire in advocating for policy reform that supports migrants “in the shadows,” without legal status, the outgoing chair of the U.S. Episcopal migration committee said at the Bishops’ general assembly, while praising Catholic welcome for Afghan and Ukrainian refugees.

Spanish Diocese Opens Seminary Doors to Ukraine Refugees

Source: Catholic News Agency

The Diocese of Tarazona’s seminary welcomed 60 Ukrainian refugees after Bishop Eusebio Ignacio Hernández Sola offered the use of diocesan facilities to assist those displaced by the war. He said every effort was being made to help the new arrivals, accompanied to Spain by volunteers, feel at home.

English, Welsh Bishops Urge UK Government to Help Refugees

Source: Crux

English and Welsh Bishops are calling on the UK government to assist Ukrainian refugees and to help put an end to the conflict. “As this crisis worsens, it is essential that we provide humanitarian assistance and offer sanctuary to people forced to flee their homes,” Bishops’ open letter reads.

Head of EU Bishops Stresses Need for Solidarity, Aid

Source: Vatican News

EU countries must show solidarity and share responsibility to protect Ukrainian refugees, Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich said. Speaking at a meeting of Mediterranean Bishops, the head of Episcopal Conferences in the EU also stressed the need for aid to African countries to reduce poverty.

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