ICMC regularly produces reports, advocacy materials, and other publications on a wide range of topics linked to migration. ICMC's publications focus on refugee resettlement, reception and integration of refugees, protection of migrants and refugees at sea, and child protection.

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Geneva, 24 May 2012 - The "Addressing gaps in child protection" report was prepared for the UNHCR-ICMC Child Protection Workshop, held in Washington D.C. in May 2012. It points to the challenges that ICMC child protection experts encounter in refugee field operations and proposes a road map for addressing these concerns.

The challenges identified in this report are drawn from the first-hand experience of ICMC’s child protection experts in the field and include - among others - the need for strengthening the capacity of local partners, improving the identification of unaccompanied minors, and deploying child protection experts at the beginning of an emergency operation.

Brussels, 11 May 2012 - "Welcome to Sheffield" marks the launch of ICMC Europe’s SHARE Project, an 18-month program to build a resettlement network of European municipalities, cities and regions.

"Welcome to Sheffield" provides an opportunity to learn about the approaches that have made a local resettlement program a successful, long-term reality in one city. The report describes how strong local partnerships - between the city, its NGO and civil society partners and Sheffield citizens - have contributed to the ongoing success and growth of the Sheffield resettlement program.

Geneva, 14 December 2011 - MAYDAY! From the French “Venez m’aider”: come help me! This is the call of boat people today, and those in governments, civil society and humanitarian actors at all levels concerned that the times, the facts, the laws, and the practical responses to boat people and other migrants travelling and arriving in distress require examination and improvement.

The report sheds light on gaps in responding to boat people and other migrants arriving in Greece, Italy, Malta and Spain and includes detailed information obtained from country surveys, interviews with government officials and NGOs as well as surveys with migrants.

Geneva, 8 June 2011 - The publication provides practical ideas and inspiration for facilitating integration once refugees have arrived in their country of resettlement. It comes as the fruit of an 18-month project that linked European actors from the full spectrum of the refugee resettlement process.

In addition to providing practical information and guidance, Paving the way presents a number of key recommendations to building policies for integration and social cohesion, improving stakeholder planning and cooperation, ensuring that strategic decisions on refugee housing is based on an understanding of his/her needs, and putting in place essential services and support mechanisms prior to embarking on a resettlement programme.