ICMC regularly produces reports, advocacy materials, and other publications on a wide range of topics linked to migration. ICMC's publications focus on refugee resettlement, reception and integration of refugees, protection of migrants and refugees at sea, and child protection.

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Brussels, 18 June 2018 - Volunteering can play a valuable role in strengthening refugees’ integration. With this idea in mind, the International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC) and the Human Resource Development Foundation (HRDF) partnered in a Refugee Protection and Service Delivery Dialogue project.

Geneva, 28 September 2017 - The International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC) released today its latest research publication on the movement and protection of unaccompanied migrant children. The focus of the research is on unaccompanied children in the Americas moving within and from the "Northern Triangle" of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

Brussels, 18 April 2017 - Building on the input of civil society actors, the Migration and Development Civil Society Network (MADE) has now published a second edition of the Movement Report. The new Report is based on written input from 600 representatives of civil society active in migration and development around the world.

Geneva, 11 April 2017 - Researchers at the International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC) produced a compelling mapping of the response of several faith-based organizations to the plights of migrant and refugee children, especially those who are unaccompanied and separated.