ICMC Humanitarian Assistance and Development

Every day around the world, women, men, girls and boys flee war, persecution or natural disasters. As a result, they often lose access to the basic necessities of life and their means of subsistence. Getting water, food, healthcare and housing becomes a matter of life and death for displaced people. They also lack access to education and decent work.

The International Catholic Migration Commission, ICMC, responds to the needs of these persons by providing humanitarian assistance. We take into account who needs aid the most and focus on the most vulnerable.

Our goal is to save lives, alleviate suffering, and restore dignity.

We work in several migration-related crises around the world, providing healthcare, particularly for the most vulnerable, such as refugee pregnant women and newborns; teaching people how to adopt good health and hygiene habits; offering financial support, which allows families to meet their basic needs; building water and sanitation systems and providing access to adequate shelter.

We also work with people affected by crises to help them become self-sufficient in the longer term. And we involve the displaced population as well as the host community in finding solutions.

You can help refugees and migrants rebuild their lives with dignity and hope.


ICMC provides assistance and protection to vulnerable people on the move and advocates for sustainable solutions for refugees and migrants.