Petra Hueck

ICMC Europe Director, Brussels

Petra Hueck is the Head of ICMC Europe in Brussels, Belgium. Since taking up this role in 2005, Petra has been responsible for developing advocacy, research and program activities in the area of European Union migration and asylum and for representing ICMC within European and international policy-making platforms. She has also co-authored several publications such as Welcome to Europe: a comparative guide to resettlement in Europe and 10 percent of refugees from Syria: Europe’s resettlement and other admission responses in a global perspective.

Prior to joining ICMC, Petra has worked for several years as a Program Manager for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Petra holds a degree in International Law from the University of Utrecht, as well as a degree in Social and Cultural Sociology from the University of Leuven.

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