A displaced Syrian woman benefits from a house cleaning kit for her large family

Damascus, 9 August 2016 - Rasha* and her family of seven have been living in a single room in the Douilaa area, Syria, for two years, since they fled their home in Quneitra city.

Displaced Syrian women receiving relief items at Ar-Ruwayshid, Jordan.Displaced Syrian women receiving relief items at Ar-Ruwayshid, Jordan. Photo: ICMC/ Patrik Gerber The family left their home after Adnan*, the son who was 15 at the time, was shot on his way home from school.  The young boy survived the incident, but he was paralyzed for many months as a result. Adnan has also been taking medication as he suffers from a lung embolism due to his injuries. Rasha’s husband, Elias*, also needs regular medication to keep his heart disease under control.

Rasha and Elias share the small room with their five children, three of whom are currently attending school. Their two daughters, Maya*, 23, and Rima*, 15, are both married. However, both their husbands have been kidnapped, leaving the two young women with no choice but moving back with their parents.

ICMC has been conducting a community-based outreach campaign to provide assistance to the most vulnerable persons in the Damascus area. The outreach campaign has been implemented through Terre des Hommes Syria (TDHS), ICMC's long-time partner.

Rasha had heard about the humanitarian relief services offered by ICMC in partnership with TDHS from a neighbor who had been previously a beneficiary. Thus, she approached the project officer seeking the same assistance. After the interview, her family was found in need of a house cleaning kit. “It covers all our needs and was enough quantity for the many people in the family,” Rasha acknowledged.

*The names have been changed to protect the identity of the beneficiaries.