ICMC calls for full, person-centred attention to the most vulnerable at Human Rights Council

John K. Bingham delivering a statement"The proposed Global Compact on Migration can offer the means to achieve equitable and effective governance of migration," said Bingham. Photo: ICMC Geneva, 10 March 2017 - Taking the floor at the Enhanced Interactive Dialogue on Migrants held during the 34th session of the United Nations' Human Rights Council, The International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC) voiced deep concerns at the worrisome trends of several countries rejecting migrants and refugees and even returning people who seek protection to their home countries.

Along with other faith-based organizations, ICMC perceives the Global Compact on Migration, the Member States' commitment on safe, orderly, and regular migration emerged out of the UN Summit on Refugees and Migrants last September, to be a key instrument to implement an effective international migration governance. Proposing several principles to shape the Compact including engagement of a broad range of stakeholders and setting of clear goals and targets, ICMC's Head of Policy John K. Bingham called for more person-centred attention to be given to the most vulnerable, especially unaccompanied children. "We welcome the report on unaccompanied child migrants during this session of the Human Rights Council. Pope Francis urges us all, Let our hearts be attentive and open to the pain of our neighbors, especially where children are involved," added Bingham.

The full statement is available for download below. 



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Bingham delivering a statement at the Human Rights Council