Addressing child refugees displacement: A study on ICMC members' response

A refugee child in Mafraq, JordanA refugee child assisted by ICMC in Mafraq, Jordan. Photo: ICMC/ S. Schirato

Geneva, 11 April 2017 - Researchers at the International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC) produced a compelling mapping of the response of several faith-based organizations to the plights of migrant and refugee children, especially those who are unaccompanied and separated.

An estimated 535 million children live in countries suffering from conflict or natural disaster, which force many millions of them to take flight. Hundreds of thousands flee their home countries even without the protection of their parents. Aware of their vulnerability, ICMC's members, the Catholic Bishops’ Conferences around the world, strive to welcome and support unaccompanied migrant children in this journey to safety.

The study undertaken gives an overview of the main drivers of international forced displacement and offers a field-based perspective of effective responses and good practices put forward by ICMC’s members worldwide – mainly on best interests determination (BID), detention, and trafficking. It also provides a set of practical recommendations for major stakeholders involved in responding to the phenomenon of unaccompanied children on the move.