ICMC - UNHCR Resettlement Deployment Scheme

With a roster of more than 400 skilled professionals, the ICMC-UNHCR Resettlement Deployment Scheme plays a vital role in increasing the number of vulnerable refugees who are referred for resettlement to third countries.

Commonly known as ”deployees”, these professionals come from a variety of backgrounds and work directly in refugee protection operations in the field, providing support to the UNHCR offices throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East in their efforts to properly identify and refer refugees for resettlement.

Upon completion of their assignment, deployees return to their home communities or NGOs and are able to use their new experiences and insights to increase awareness of international resettlement work, including the participation of NGOs and governments in UNHCR’s operations.

ICMC deployees are involved in a broad range of interviewing and casework activities. They are incorporated within a UNHCR field office, where they provide technical expertise on resettlement, child protection and refugee status determination. Deployees represent nearly 40 nationalities and speak more than 70 languages. In 2016, ICMC deployed 210 experts from 48 countries to 63 UNHCR field offices.


Interested in applying?

If your professional experience and knowledge correspond to the Resettlement Expert profile, you can apply to the ICMC’s Resettlement roster via the Deployment Scheme Recruitment Portal. We only receive applications through our online recruitment system.

Openings for the ICMC Child Protection roster will be announced at a later date.

If you have any questions, please contact us at deployments@icmc.net. Please send any communication by email only.


Application process

The recruitment process involves different stages that include:

1) Checking candidates’ references;
2) Testing written and analytical skills as well as assessing knowledge of refugee protection; and
3) Conducting a Competency Based Interview (CBI).

Only those candidates who successfully pass all stages of the recruitment process will be included onto the Deployment Scheme roster.
Candidates who are fluent in a second UN language will be prioritized. Language proficiency will be tested as part of the recruitment process.



Candidates are deployed under an ICMC employment contract and are not considered as UNHCR’s officials or staff members. However, for the purpose of their assignment, deployees will be issued a UNC (United Nations Certificate).

ICMC’s compensation includes a competitive NGO salary and a benefits package, with housing allowance; per diem; health, accident, and life insurance; 2.5 leave days per month; and travel to and from the field location. Depending on duty stations, additional benefits may be applicable in accordance with UN/UNHCR regulations (e.g. Rest & Recovery leave).

ICMC is committed to equal employment opportunities for all applicants. ICMC does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, color, national origin, religion, physical or mental ability, marital status and age.


For more information visit the Deployment Scheme Recruitment Portal and download the Deployment Scheme brochure (pdf, 5.09 MB).