Catholic Partnerships in Ukraine: Reflections and Future Challenges in Healthcare and Mental Health Support
October 26, 2023 11:00 am — 12:00 pm Timezone: America/New_York


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Catholic Partnerships in Ukraine: Reflections and Future Challenges in Healthcare and Mental Health Support


With over 20 months having elapsed since the commencement of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, our speakers, joining us live from Lviv, will provide valuable insights into the pivotal issues shaping the country’s medical and mental health care today.

Join the Catholic Health Association of the United States (CHA) for an insightful presentation as the Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS) Mission Outreach’s Erica Smith and ICMC’s Msgr. Robert Vitillo delve into the support extended to the people of Ukraine.


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  • Erica Smith, MPH – President and Executive Director, Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach
  • Monsignor Robert Vitillo – Secretary General, International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC)



  • Bruce Compton – Senior Director, Global Health, Catholic Health Association
  • Christian Kostko – Consultant, Catholic Response for Ukraine (CR4U)

The webinar will cover a range of critical topics, including:

  • Medical equipment and medicines already delivered to Ukraine.
  • Contributions from Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach.
  • “Helping better” – The expansion of compassionate and effective partnerships.
  • Current and future medical needs.

Additionally, the event will include discussions on the significance of chaplains in delivering spiritual and emotional support to those in need.

Amidst the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, this webinar aims to illuminate the pressing health care and mental health challenges faced by the Ukrainian people. Under the theme “Catholic Partnerships in Ukraine: Reflections and Future Challenges in Health Care and Mental Health Support,” this virtual event offers a unique opportunity to gain direct insights from professionals currently on the ground in Ukraine.

Presenters Erica Smith, MPH, President and Executive Director of Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach, and Monsignor Robert J. Vitillo, Secretary General of the International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC), will provide valuable insights as they broadcast live from Lviv. They will delve into the ongoing collaborative efforts to support the Ukrainian people, drawing upon the collective strength of organizations such as ICMC, CHA, HSHS, and other Catholic partners.

Monsignor Vitillo will share his experiences from his two-week visit to Ukraine, offering a profoundly human perspective on the challenges the Ukrainian people face. Smith will provide insights on effective ways individuals can contribute to relief efforts, including updates on the distribution of medical equipment and medicines and how best to address critical health care needs.

Monsignor Vitillo will explore ICMC’s and partners’ work in mental health and psychosocial support, highlighting initiatives such as rehabilitation and psychological support for children, the establishment of Mental Health Hubs, capacity building for seminarians, priests, psychologists, social workers, and support for the pastoral ministry of the Church in newly liberated areas.

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