General Advisory: Claims About Resettlement Services by ICMC

It has come to our recent attention that there may be misleading claims suggesting that ICMC Malaysia and other notable international organisations were involved in offering resettlement services to refugees and asylum seekers for a fee.

We wish to state that ICMC Malaysia does not provide resettlement services, nor does it charge any fees for the services it offers. We take any allegations of misleading claims or false representation seriously as ICMC is dedicated to maintaining the trust and confidence of the communities we serve.

In light of these circumstances, we strongly advise refugees and asylum seekers to exercise caution and verify any claims related to resettlement services purportedly offered by ICMC. To safeguard against potential misinformation and fraud, individuals are encouraged to contact one of our official hotlines for verification.

BURMESE / ROHINGYA (KL): 010 – 4211 274

BURMESE / ROHINGYA (PENANG): 014 – 2400 191

ARABIC / SOMALI: 016 – 2040 491

CHIN/TEDIM: 013 – 2631 837


Additionally, refugees and asylum seekers can also email us at for information.

ICMC is committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity and operates with a zero- tolerance policy towards any form of misconduct. Refugees and asylum seekers who have further information about such claims are also encouraged to share it with ICMC as any information brought to our attention will be thoroughly investigated, and appropriate action will be taken if necessary. Complaints can be made anonymously.


Pohleen Tan-Nathan Head of Office ICMC Malaysia


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