ICMC Introduces Its New Child Safeguarding Policy

ICMC Introduces Its New Child Safeguarding Policy

Children are among the most vulnerable of displaced people and need special protection. ICMC’s new Child Safeguarding Policy emphasizes the organization’s commitment to hold itself accountable to the children it serves, promoting their best interests and rights in accordance with international standards.

ICMC recognizes that children are particularly vulnerable due to their age and therefore need heightened protection from exploitation and abuse. In all actions concerning children, ICMC is guided by the paramount principle of ensuring children’s welfare and acknowledges its duty of care towards the children it assists.

ICMC’s Child Safeguarding Policy establishes the organization’s guiding principles. Among them, zero tolerance of exploitation and abuse, the primacy of a child’s best interest, and conformance to national and international laws and regulations.

The revised ICMC Child Safeguarding Policy is in line with international standards applicable to child safeguarding, such as the International Standards of Keeping Children Safe, the Minimum Standards for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. It also aligns with ICMC’s Code of Conduct and Policy to Prevent and Respond to Sexual Harassment, Exploitation and Abuse.

ICMC will implement its new safeguarding policies with staff and partners through regular information sharing, risk management, assessment, and continuous monitoring and reporting. Existing reporting procedures will integrate a child-friendly approach to facilitate the expression of concerns by children.

The Child Safeguarding Policy applies to all staff, at all times and in all places, even if national legislation or local practice may be more tolerant of certain behaviors. Along with the signing of the new Policy, all staff will be required to attend appropriate training to ensure that they fully understand their duties and obligations.


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