Welcome to Europe! A Comprehensive Guide to Resettlement

Welcome to Europe! A Comprehensive Guide to Resettlement

Every year, thousands of men, women and children flee persecution and find in resettlement the possibility to build a new life and to contribute to a new society.

Since 2007, ICMC, UNHCR and IOM have worked closely together to strengthen and increase EU resettlement through the development of the European Resettlement Network. The Network is an inclusive community that connects a variety of actors with a shared commitment to refugee resettlement and protection.

Successful resettlement incorporates a wide range of activities, from initial identification and registration of refugees, to pre-departure arrangements and subsequent reception and integration in local communities. This ICMC publication is a resource that illustrates how these different phases “link” together to make resettlement a solution that works for both refugees and their new communities. Partnerships with NGOs and wider civil society are central to this success, as is public support and improved paths for integration for resettled refugees.

This publication also underscores the life-saving role of resettlement, and intends to contribute to the promotion of resettlement in Europe as one component of a comprehensive and durable approach to protecting refugees.

ICMC, UNHCR and IOM commend the EU and its Member States for their efforts in providing welcoming communities for resettled refugees, and hope that this commitment will further increase both the number of available resettlement places and the quality of European resettlement, to a level that that truly says “Welcome to Europe!”.


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