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ICMC-funded Projects in Ukraine
Physical Rehabilitation and Psychosocial Support for Children and Displaced Families
Children bear the brunt of the emotional damage caused by the trauma of war. As thousands of children, some unaccompanied, started moving toward the safety of Western Ukraine during the first months of full-scale invasion in February of 2022, local Catholic facilities transformed their programming and, in some cases, their structures, into “Houses of Mercy,” or multi-purpose service facilities for the most vulnerable, destitute and desperate internally displaced and local populations. Here, particularly children with mental and physical disabilities, found safe and loving “homes” as well as professional care to help them improve and thrive.
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Psychological Counselling for Those Affected by the War
Mental health care professionals in Ukraine mobilized in unprecedented ways to address the emotional wounds caused by the horrific experiences of those fleeing the areas of active fighting and bombings. Subsidized and free psychological counseling which has been provided to anyone in need has proven to be of critical importance to keep the nation from falling into despair of loss and suffering.
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Psychosocial Capacity Building
From the first days of ICMC’s involvement in addressing the mental health crisis in Ukraine, we have learned that there are several generations of Ukrainian professionals who received excellent training both locally and abroad. ICMC received requests to fund several translations and provided funding to publish training materials dealing with specific aspects of war trauma counseling and intervention. We were able to fund a series of workshops benefitting hundreds of local psychologists and social workers by European experts.
ICMC-funded Projects in Ukraine 3
Care for the Caregiver
During the current and the past two site visits to Ukraine, ICMC and CHA-USA-related visitors were struck by the dedication of Ukrainian lay and religious professionals to the spiritual and psychological improvement and wellbeing of their fellow citizens. Most of the psychologists, Religious Sisters, and priests whom we met have long forgotten about what it feels to take a day off or go on a vacation. The sight of immense suffering and hardships experienced ,on a daily basis, by both civilians and soldiers, makes these caregivers blind to their own needs and comforts. It is now becoming evident that such an approach to serving others is unsustainable for the caregivers in the long term.

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