A Participant in World Refugee Day at ICMC Pakistan Office/ICMC/2014

A Participant in World Refugee Day at ICMC Pakistan Office/ICMC/2014

Islamabad, Pakistan
Phone : ICMC HQ Geneva +41 22 919 10 20

What we do

ICMC’s work in Pakistan focuses on vulnerable communities, including Afghan refugees, survivors of natural disaster, and women living in urban slums.

ICMC builds community capacity to prevent future displacement and reduce the impact of natural disasters. Preventative measures include disaster response training, building dams and walls, and the development of mitigation plans.

ICMC also works with impoverished communities to help them achieve economic independence. The intervention goes beyond vocational skills training to ensure beneficiaries have durable access to employment.  The livelihood programme teaches basic numeric and literacy skills, as well as a wide-variety of different job trainings that the needs of local job markets.

Once the training is completed, ICMC provides trainees with a toolkit and small grants to help them start their own business.

ICMC has established fully-equipped cooperatives and community based centres for home-based women workers, where participants can work collectively and market their products.

Finally, ICMC invests in children’s education. It refurbishes primary schools destroyed in the floods, creates computer labs for students and teachers, and sets up parent teacher associations to strengthen the bond between schools and communities.

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