Asia Working Group

Asia Working GroupAsia Working Group, Manila, October 2015 The ICMC Asia Working Group emerged from an increasing need to strengthen the voice of the Church in Asia and to foster an exchange of information on migration. On the occasion of the second Global Forum on Migration and Development which took place in Manila, ICMC organized a pre-summit Church consultation to better analyze the challenges related to human mobility in Asia.  Participants then expressed the need for a strengthened collaboration and spurred the creation of a regional platform.

Since its creation in 2008, the Asia Working Group has met annually in different Asian countries. These meetings offered the possibility to better understand the various responsive practices and linked in many new ways the Church structures of the country of departure with the Church of the country of labor. In 2015 the group decided to create a permanent ICMC–Asia secretariat in Manila to serve as a social observatory and as regional focal point for the ICMC members.