Welcome to Sheffield

Brussels, 11 May 2012 - ICMC Europe and the British city of Sheffield are delighted to announce the publication of "Welcome to Sheffield", which marks the launch of ICMC Europe’s SHARE Project, an 18-month program to build a resettlement network of European municipalities, cities and regions.

Although resettlWelcome to Sheffieldement programs are decided upon at national level, it is at the local level that the reception and integration of resettled refugees takes place. Whilst towns and cities must develop local resettlement programs that suit their specific local contexts and priorities, "Welcome to Sheffield" provides an opportunity to learn about the approaches that have made a local resettlement program a successful, long-term reality in one city.

In 2004, Sheffield became the first UK city to receive resettled refugees. Since then, 640 refugees – from Burma, Bhutan, Congo, Iraq, Liberia, and Somalia – have found safety, security and a new home in the city. "Welcome to Sheffield" describes how strong local partnerships - between the city, its NGO and civil society partners and Sheffield citizens - have contributed to the ongoing success and growth of the Sheffield resettlement program.

"Welcome to Sheffield" also profiles resettlement in the UK Yorkshire and Humber region in which Sheffield is located, including via contributions from resettled refugees themselves, and provides top tips for "doing" resettlement at the local level in areas including planning, arrival and reception, support for integration and working with local media. It includes case studies and personal reflections from refugees resettled to the UK, including those from Burma, Congo, Iraq, and Somalia.


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