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Since 2005, ICMC works with vulnerable communities living in disaster-prone areas of Pakistan to help them respond to floods and earthquakes, thus mitigating the risk and impact of natural disasters. In collaboration with its local partners, ICMC distributes disaster risk reduction kits, rehabilitates key infrastructure, develops school safety plans, and conducts hazard mappings.

Since 1998, ICMC works in Pakistan to support the most vulnerable populations in both urban and rural areas. ICMC’s protection activities are aimed at supporting impoverished communities and victims of sexual and gender-based violence. Extremely vulnerable refugees are provided with a basic subsistence allowances, educational support for their children and healthcare assistance.

Since 2010, ICMC works within Burmese refugee communities in Malaysia to prevent and respond to sexual or gender-based violence, especially by improving access to emergency support services for refugee women and children. ICMC provides refugees with safe shelter, medical and psychosocial care, and counseling. As part of the program, ICMC also funds local community-based organizations.