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In order to mitigate the impact of the harsh winter conditions in Jordan, ICMC provides Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanian households in northern Jordan with cash assistance to buy indispensable winter and household items. This project is part of a broader winterization plan to provide winter assistance to camp and non-camp refugees in Jordan, which is implemented by a consortium of four NGOs, including INTERSOS, Save the Children Jordan, the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), and ICMC.

During the winter months, ICMC carries out humanitarian support activities in Irbid, a town in norther Jordan densely populated with Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanian households. By conducting home visits in the region, the ICMC staff is able to reach individuals with limited mobility or with special concerns who may otherwise be unable to approach an organization to request assistance.

Participating in the highest European and international policy-making platforms, ICMC carries out considerable advocacy and awareness-raising activities to obtain additional places for Syrians in Europe, including resettlement, humanitarian admissions, extended family reunification, community-based sponsorships, humanitarian visas, and student visas.