Supporting the Transit Shelter for unaccompanied minors in Kos island, Greece

Until December 2016, ICMC supported the activities of Praksis’ Transit shelter on the island of Kos in Greece where assistance is provided to unaccompanied children fleeing conflicts and other difficult situations.

ICMC contributed to covering the costs of a Transit Shelter hosting young boys aged 12-17 and coming primarily from Syria, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Aside from providing emergency accommodation, the shelter delivers psychological support services to refugee children as well as administrative and legal advice on family reunification, asylum in Greece, or relocation to other European countries.

In addition, ICMC funded recreational activities for the refugee children – outdoors excursions, art classes, football training, and group discussions on Greek culture – and ensures they are granted access to medical care whenever it cannot otherwise be provided by the public health system or volunteer doctors.

Praksis is a non-governmental organization which provides humanitarian assistance in Greece through a wide range of services including safe accommodation, psychological support, free-of-charge medical care and recreational activities to individuals at risk.


Tanyja Zwack Georgakopoulou
Liaison Manager for Greece

Refugee children hosted at the Kos shelter sew their own clothes.
The children's shelter run by Praksis in Kos.
The ICMC and Praksis staff at the children's shelter