Protection assistance to vulnerable Syrian refugee women and children in Jordan

ICMC provides protection and support services to Syrians and Jordanians, especially women and children, through its Protection Center in Mafraq, an urban area in northern Jordan densely populated by refugees. The Center offers a range of educational and awareness-raising activities, as well as psychosocial support for Syrian refugee women, young girls and children who experience difficult living conditions in Jordan. All the services provided are entirely free of charge for the beneficiaries, who can also benefit from transportation to and from the Center.

The ICMC Protection Center organizes literacy classes for women and girls who have not completed formal schooling. Focus group discussions allow them to share their feelings and problems and to better cope with trauma and anxiety, while also allowing social interaction among refugees, who would otherwise live in isolation. These sessions often include both Syrian and Jordanian participants, thus fostering cohesion between the two communities.

While mothers participate in focus group discussions, children can take part in recreational activities in the Child Friendly Space. The Space provides boys and girls up to 12 years of age with a safe environment to play, socialize, learn and express themselves, also allowing the parents to take part in the Center’s activities without worrying about finding alternative childcare. In addition, ICMC seeks to promote the children’s school attendance by disseminating information about local education services and by distributing school bags, notebooks, and stationary.

This project is run in conjunction with distribution of non-food items. For more information, visit:
Humanitarian assistance to Syrian refugees and host communities in Jordan


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