Protecting survivors of sexual and gender-based violence in Pakistan

Since 1998, ICMC works in Pakistan to support the most vulnerable populations in both urban and rural areas. ICMC’s protection activities are aimed at supporting impoverished communities and victims of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) through access to basic needs and the provision of safe shelters. Extremely vulnerable refugees are provided with a basic subsistence allowances, educational support for their children and healthcare assistance for their family members.

ICMC organizes language classes and vocational training to facilitate access to employment for refugees. Female refugees or asylum seekers are particularly vulnerable and exposed to sexual or gender-based violence, but rarely denounce it. ICMC helps those who have suffered from SGBV by providing them with safe shelter, legal support, awareness workshops, literacy classes, medical care, and psychosocial support.

ICMC also conducts assessments and interviews with children at risk referred by UNHCR. Through processes of best interests assessments and best interests determinations, ICMC’s staff evaluates the protection needs of the children referred to them and looked for the best care solutions for these children, both on a temporary and long-term basis.


Walter Brill
Director of Operations

Protection activities in Pakistan
Protection activities in Pakistan
The ICMC staff in Pakistan
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