Protecting migrant workers and assisting elderly people (ICMC Cares)

Europe is marked by a rapidly aging demography: most countries experience declining or stagnating fertility rates, while life expectancy is on the rise. In order to respond to the growing need for qualified paramedical staff to take care of the elderly in Europe and to protect labor migrants in the homecare sector, thus reducing irregularities in migration, ICMC started the “ICMC Cares” program.

Through “ICMC Cares”, paramedical professionals from Eastern European countries are recruited, trained, certified, and supported in the search of proper employment in assisting elderly people, particularly those affected by neurodegenerative diseases. “ICMC Cares” verifies that all caregivers work within an extended legal framework for the delivery of homecare services and are adequately integrated into the formal labor market.

Developed as a public-private partnership, “ICMC Cares” is carried out in collaboration with regional public administrations, employment services, academic institutes, and private hospitals in Eastern Europe. The program is implemented by the ICMC Eastern Europe Foundation in Poland, which is registered as an employment agency, while the ICMC Headquarters in Switzerland provides support and coordination of different entities. The Foundation is registered under the high patronage of Mr Józef Jodlowski, President of the Carpathian Euroregion.


Andrzej Sados,
Head of Programs in Eastern Europe

The medical staff at the Brodnowski Hospital (Warsaw, Poland) professionally trains the ICMC Cares caregivers
ICMC Cares caregivers are especially trained to assist the elderly with neurodegenerative diseases
ICMC Cares caregiver
ICMC Cares caregivers with a patient