Migration and Development Civil Society Network (MADE)

In collaboration with civil society partners in Chile, Mexico, the Netherlands, the Philippines, and Senegal, ICMC launched the global Migration and Development Civil Society Network (MADE) in January 2014. MADE is an open working platform in which civil society organizations come together worldwide in regional and global networks to compare, collaborate, and change policies and practices that affect migrants and diaspora members, to ensure full respect for human dignity, rights, solidarity, the common good, and social cohesion in communities and countries everywhere. In 2015, MADE organized 32 regional, thematic and civil society network meetings and webinars around the world, with 865 participants from more than 70 countries.

Co-funded through 2016 by the European Union together with ICMC and its donors, MADE’s primary objective is to build or strengthen civil society organizations that work on some of today’s major challenges in migration and development: safe migration, sustainable development, decent work and social protection, and respect of the rights of all migrants and members of their families. MADE advocates for a reform of a wide range of unfair practices in recruitment, placement, and employment of migrant workers. It also supports the organization of migrants and migrant diaspora in both policy-making and entrepreneurial business initiatives.


Sophie Van Haasen
MADE Program Manager

Wies Maas, MADE Program Manager, presents the network at the GFMD Civil Society Days in 2014
 John Bingham, Head of Policy at ICMC, presents the MADE network at the GFMD 2014
MADE Network
MADE Network Conference