Livelihoods support for Afghan refugees and host communities in Pakistan

Since 2005, ICMC works with vulnerable communities living in disaster-prone areas of Pakistan to help them respond to floods and earthquakes, thus mitigating the risk and impact of natural disasters. In collaboration with its local partners, ICMC distributes disaster risk reduction kits, rehabilitates key infrastructure, develops school safety plans, and conducts hazard mappings.

Activities aimed at enhancing disaster risk reduction also include awareness-raising sessions and work shops on disaster preparedness and development of mitigation plans, access to water and sanitation, and hygiene promotion.

ICMC also provides livelihood support for Afghan refugees and Pakistani host communities in the Charsadda district of Pakistan. The project aims to increase access to employment through a set of measures including vocational training, small enterprise development support, provision of tool kits, provision of mini-grants, and establishment of linkages with potential employers.

In collaboration with local technical institutes, ICMC identifies refugees and members of the host communities who will receive vocational training; four training centers have been set up specifically to provide training to female members of the Afghan and local communities. Trainees gain valuable skills needed on the market as well as the technical knowledge that can be immediately used to support income-generating activities.



Walter Brill
Director of Operations

Pakistan livelihoods program
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