Humanitarian assistance to Syrian refugees and host communities in Jordan

The majority of Syrians who sought refuge in Jordan have settled in urban or rural areas in the North of the country, typically living in sub-standard and shared accommodation. As the cost of life has remarkably risen since the beginning of the Syrian war, it is becoming increasingly difficult for refugee families and poorer Jordanian households to afford appropriate living conditions in the country.

ICMC’s caseworkers and volunteers are specifically trained to carry out outreach assessments aimed at identifying such vulnerable households, even in those remote rural areas which would not otherwise be reached by humanitarian aid. The families identified as the most vulnerable benefit from the distribution of hygiene kits containing - among other items - house cleaning products, soap, and baby diapers. Prior to the beginning of the winter, they also receive heaters, gas cylinders, thermal blankets, and vouchers to refill the cylinders throughout the whole winter season. In addition, ICMC protects the poorest households from eviction and homelessness through the provision of rental assistance for up to four months.

In order to prevent tensions between Syrian refugees and Jordanian host communities, ICMC includes 30% of Jordanian beneficiaries in its humanitarian activities.

This project is run in conjunction with protection activities at the Protection Center in Mafraq. For more information, visit:
Protection assistance to vulnerable Syrian refugee women and children in Jordan


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Distribution of winter items in Jordan
Distribution of winter items in Jordan
Distribution of winter items in Jordan