Deploying resettlement experts worldwide

For over 15 years, ICMC has been providing help to the world’s most vulnerable refugees through its Resettlement Deployment Scheme. Managed in partnership with UNHCR, the Scheme consists of a pool of more than 400 qualified professionals from diverse backgrounds, who are ready to be deployed on short notice to UNHCR’s field offices whenever crucial support is needed. These experts possess a strong understanding of the international protection framework, have excellent interviewing and analytical skills and are deeply committed to working with the neediest refugees globally, often in remote and isolated locations.

The work of these experts involves a broad range of skills and activities. The majority of them are deployed to UNHCR's field offices as resettlement specialists. Their work includes interviewing refugees to assess their eligibility for resettlement to a third country. In addition to their resettlement work, they may be called upon to conduct Refugee Status Determination assessments. Other ICMC's experts are responsible for assessing the needs of refugee children and ensuring that all actions that are taken are in the child's best interests. ICMC's experts also provide training to UNHCR's field staff, as well as to national and international partners, and contribute to further developing procedures and best practices on resettlement and child protection.

ICMC ranks as one of UNHCR's largest affiliate workforce partners. Through the Resettlement Deployment Scheme, ICMC continues to support UNHCR in meeting global resettlement targets.

For more information on the recruitment process to join the pool of ICMC's experts, visit the ICMC-UNHCR Resettlement Deployment Scheme page.


Resettlement Deployment Scheme

An ICMC deployee with refugee children, Ethiopia
Resettlement interview
ICMC-UNHCR deployees in Ethiopia