Cash assistance to Syrian and Jordanian families during the winter months, Jordan

For the many Syrian refugees and vulnerable households of Jordan, affording adequate living conditions is challenging. The cost of everyday household items has increased substantially over the past few years, and many refugees and Jordanian families in the region live below the poverty line. Very often, these poorer households lack the financial means to buy basic items or to afford a monthly rent. In addition, during the winter months their vulnerabilities are exacerbated by harsh temperatures and frequent snow storms.

In order to mitigate the impact of the harsh winter conditions in Jordan, ICMC provides Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanian households in northern Jordan with cash assistance to buy indispensable winter and household items. This project is part of a broader winterization plan to provide winter assistance to camp and non-camp refugees in Jordan, which is implemented by a consortium of four NGOs, including INTERSOS, Save the Children Jordan, the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), and ICMC.

Following a thorough assessment of their living conditions and needs, the selected beneficiaries receive cash allowances through personal ATM cards, thanks to which they can afford to pay rent in adequate housing, purchase warm clothes, food, or other everyday items as appropriate. This type of assistance allows individuals and families to freely spend the allowance on those items they find most necessary, thus ensuring that the aid delivered corresponds to the actual needs of the beneficiaries.


ICMC Middle East

Annette Nuguet
Program Manager

Weihui Wang
Program Manager

The ICMC staff assists the beneficiaries queuing to receive their cash assistance
The ICMC staff assists the beneficiaries in need of cash assistance