Advocating for increased resettlement places for Syrian refugees

Participating in the highest European and international policy-making platforms, ICMC carries out considerable advocacy and awareness-raising activities to obtain additional places for Syrians in Europe, including resettlement, humanitarian admissions, extended family reunification, community-based sponsorships, humanitarian visas, and student visas.

In the context of the “Resettlement Saves Lives” campaign, launched in 2012 by different NGOs, ICMC Europe organizes advocacy events in partnership with several European organizations.

ICMC's Liaison Office in Washington DC works closely with both Refugee Council USA (RCUSA) and the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) to advocate to the US government, UNHCR, and the host governments bordering Syria for improved screening and identification of the refugees most in need of resettlement, efficient processing of Syrian refugees to the US, and increased numbers of US Syrian refugee admission.


John K. Bingham
Head of Policy


Petra Hueck
Head of Office, ICMC Europe

Syrian refugees in Jordan
United Nations building in Geneva
Conference on resettlement of Syrian refugees, Geneva
Resettled family in Germany