Unable to go back to Yemen, Yasser hopes to reunite with his family in Pakistan

Islamabad, 25 February 2017 - Yasser* arrived in Pakistan with the dream of pursuing a Master’s degree in Computer Sciences. He had completed his bachelor’s degree back home, in Yemen; he had then left the country in early 2015, hoping to find better opportunities abroad.

Yasser speaks with ICMC's Livelihoods Assistant via videoconference.Yasser speaks with ICMC's Livelihoods Assistant via videoconference. Photo: ICMC A few months after his departure, however, a war broke out in Yemen. Yasser found himself cut off from his family, unable to make any contact with his wife and son: he thought he had lost them forever. Hopeless and alone, Yasser registered as a refugee with UNHCR while trying to make a living in Pakistan. Understanding his difficult situation, UNHCR referred him to ICMC, knowing the organization would assist him in finding a suitable job.

During his first meeting with the ICMC staff, Yasser went through a detailed assessment. “I was not very confident I would get a call back”, he explained. “To my surprise, though, ICMC’s Livelihood Assistant got in touch a few days later, telling me he would start applying for job opportunities on my behalf!”.

Shortly after, Yasser started working as Arabic Translator and English Content Writer at a digital marketing company in Lahore. “Before I got this job I was totally dependent on my friends in Pakistan. Now I am independent and can even help my own friends,” Yasser said. “I kept receiving interview calls even after I got hired and had to ask ICMC to stop applying for me!”.

Yasser continues to work at the company, but is also studying hard for his Computer Sciences degree. It is only recently that he has discovered that his family is actually alive in Yemen; he now hopes ICMC and UNHCR will assist him in bringing them all to Pakistan. “I am still in touch with ICMC’s staff member and often contact him for career guidance and counseling”, Yasser explained. “He is more like a friend than a service provider”. 


*The name was changed to protect the identity of the beneficiary.