Show your support to refugees: share your Hands of Mercy!

There are currently 65 million refugees and forcibly displaced people in the world. They are our brothers and sisters in search of a better life: women, men, and children who flee their homes because of war, conflict, exploitation, oppressive injustice, abject poverty, and severe hunger.


We need to welcome them and recognize their contributions to their host countries and local communities. We need to stop all discrimination, racism, extreme nationalism, and xenophobia.

Pope Francis calls upon us to open our hearts and our doors to the people in need, and to be prepared not only to give, “but also to receive from others. Hospitality, in fact, grows from both giving and receiving.” ICMC ecourages support and solidarity towards refugees and migrants. We want to change the migration narrative from one of fear and violence to one of hope and mercy.


Today we ask you to join the worldwide family of ICMC supporters, staff, and beneficiaries by standing in solidarity for and with all refugees and migrants. In both our prayer and action, let us ensure that they are treated with respect and dignity and are offered unhindered access to protection.



Share your own “Hands of Mercy”!

Hands are the tools in which we show and receive mercy in our interactions with others. Share with us your “Hands of Mercy” with words of hope and peace!

Simply write, on your hand, the message of hope and solidarity you wish to share with refugees and migrants, take a picture and post it on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the #HandsOfMercy hashtag. If you don't use social media, you can also send them to The best photos we receive will be shared on our pages and in our 'Hands of Mercy' Flickr album.


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