COVID-19 Appeal

The current COVID-19 pandemic has devastated families and communities around the world but is especially dangerous for those who have fled their homes due to violence or conflict, current dwelling in crowded camps or densely packed urban areas. As Pope Francis has reminded us, “we are in the same boat, all of us fragile and disoriented, but at the same time important and needed, all of us called to row together.”


Donate to our Pandemic Appeal to support vulnerable migrants and refugees who may be affected by COVID-19


While deep concern for the health and safety of ourselves, family, and loved ones occupy our thoughts during this time, we also need to keep the needs of our community at the forefront of our minds and prayers.

The current COVID-19 crisis will not stop ICMC from protecting vulnerable refugees and migrants. While some of our field programs have temporarily suspend activities, as required by the public health authorities, many of our programs still remain in place. Our field staff are currently focused on:

  • Educating staff and beneficiaries on the signs and symptoms of the novel Coronavirus and how to prevent its spread;
  • Increasing communications to program participants by offering helplines and leveraging social media;
  • Gathering and distributing much needed resources;
  • and Advocating for the protection of those most at risk.

Supporting the Pandemic Appeal, helps ICMC continue to deliver much needed services to migrants and refugees

For example, we currently undertaking the following measures:

  • In Pakistan, we continue our medical services in ICMC clinics at camps along the border of Afghanistan and   have equipped our doctors and nurses with Personal Protection Equipment to prevent infection.
  • In Malaysia, our staff is using internet-based tools to prevent domestic violence among Rohingya and other refugees affected by lockdown--this program is called “Peace at home”.
  • Our ICMC staff in Jordan is applying for special permits to make home visits and thus be able to deliver cash assistance and other daily living supplies.
  • In Greece, in addition, to our legal and social services, we are sending protection experts into two of the refugee camps in order monitor conditions there and to intervene on behalf of the most vulnerable refugees.
  • In Turkey and Lebanon staff have extended hours and are rotating shifts to man phone lines to answer questions by refugees in the resettlement process.
  • In 40 countries of the world, our legal and social experts continue to examine claims of asylum and applications for refugee status, provide translation, and offer protection for unaccompanied refugee and migrant children and adolescents, in collaboration with UNHCR.

For people living in very fragile situations, the COVID-19 pandemic brings about new threats to their lives. ICMC humanitarian and protection workers rely on your support to continue helping those in need

You can make a difference