The Affiliated Offices

ICMC Inc. is the affiliated structure of ICMC in the United States. Based in Washington DC and in Boston, ICMC Inc. supports the mission of ICMC in the United States. The Development Office in Boston is responsible for raising awareness on the work of ICMC, and for developing, implementing and monitoring fundraising strategies to support its programs and activities. The office in Washington liaises with American institutional donors and conducts policy work on a broad range of migration issues, with a focus on the protection of migrants, refugees, women and children, and on resettlement activities.

ICMC Europe serves as the regional office and as a liaison with European Union institutions. Based in Brussels, the office also engages with a variety of actors to promote refugee resettlement and integration. ICMC Europe follows policy developments within the European Union and advocates for needs-first and rights-based responses to migrants and refugees in distress.


Affiliated Offices