The International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC) is governed by three different structures:


The Council

ICMC Council Meeting 2018

The Council is the policy-making body of the Commission. The members of the Council are representatives of Catholic Episcopal Conferences and/or other Catholic organizations concerned with migration and refugee issues. The Council elects the Governing Committee.

The Governing Committee

ICMC Governing Committee 2017

The Governing Committee carries out the decisions of the Council, approves the annual budgets and proposals prepared by the Secretariat and other affiliated structures, and monitors the implementation of the decisions of the Council by the Secretariat.

The Secretariat

ICMC's staff at the Headquarters in Geneva

The ICMC Secretariat is the executive body of the Commission and implements the decisions of the Governing Committee. The Secretariat acts as the central branch of ICMC’s policy work, providing oversight and support to ICMC’s affiliated structures and field offices.