In 2015, together with our partners, we were able to increase protection and humanitarian assistance to vulnerable people on the move. Activities related to refugee resettlement and migration and development were also significantly expanded. The following is a snapshot of our main 2015 achievements.


Protection and prevention

Information sessions in Greece

ICMC's staff, in collaboration with UNHCR, conducted information sessions for 37,414 incoming refugees and migrants in Greece.

Protection and prevention in Pakistan

The livelihood support project run by ICMC in Pakistan benefited a total of 4,387 persons.

Protection and prevention in Malaysia

ICMC reached out to 5,911 adult refugees in Malaysia. Most of them were located in Kuala Lumpur, the Klang Valley, and Penang.



Humanitarian assistance

Humanitarian assistance in Syria

2,800 people benefited from life-saving and other types of healthcare assistance in in 2015 in Syria.

Internally displaced in Syria

Around 970 families in Syria were provided with relief items such as blankets, mattresses, and electric heaters.

Humanitarian assistance in Jordan

In Jordan, ICMC supported 4,121 Syrian and Jordanian households with either cash or in-kind assistance to respond to families' needs.



Refugee resettlement

Refugee resettlement to the USA

5,199 refugees were resettled to the United States from the Resettlement Support Center for Turkey and Middle East.

ICMC-UNHCR Deployment Scheme

As part of the ICMC-UNHCR Resettlement Deployment Scheme, 189 experts were deployed in 39 countries. 57% of them worked in Africa.

Refugee resettlement

ICMC's experts submitted nearly 104,570 refugees for resettlement consideration to UNHCR, including more than 33,656 Syrians.



Migration and development

MADE Network

The SHARE Network conference, led by ICMC Europe, gathered over 140 participants in 2015. The policy statemented presented during the event was endorsed by 40 organizations.

Sea Change campaign

The civil society "Sea Change" campaign to ensure protection at sea led by MADE was endorsed by 122 organizations worldwide.

Global Forum on Migration and Development

In 2015, a total of 339 participants attended the "Civil Society Days" of the Global Forum on Migration and Development.