Experience and expertise

With staff and programmes in over 40 countries, ICMC responds to the challenges of people on the move and their communities, implementing and advocating for rights-based policies and durable solutions through its worldwide members of Catholic Bishops Conferences, and alongside government and non-governmental partners.

This dynamic combination of international policy-building and representation, together with direct programming with migrants on the ground, has helped to establish ICMC’s solid reputation among ICMC Members, partners, donors and beneficiaries alike.

  • ICMC offers over 60 years of experience and expertise in serving vulnerable people on the move. From work with extremely vulnerable individuals (EVIs), to refugee resettlement, psycho-social services, human trafficking prevention, policy-building, training and capacity-building, ICMC understands the needs of migrants– and knows how to address them.  (For a presentation and examples of ICMC's programs, Expertise and Action)
  • ICMC is present worldwide. With grassroots presence, ICMC's network offers direct contact with migrants in countries of origin, transit, destination and return. Our relationships with local churches and partners are major assets for quality assessment and comprehensive approaches to the challenges and opportunities of migration today.
  • ICMC serves individuals and families regardless of faith, race, ethnicity or nationality. We look at migration from a global, humanitarian perspective, and base our approach on a respect for all human beings. Many governments, including those of predominantly Muslim countries, have expressed their appreciation of ICMC's work.
  • ICMC is efficient. ICMC Members may be found across the globe. Because of their local expertise, ICMC benefits from a familiarity with local structures, customs, populations and needs. This allows us to significantly reduce costs, such as office start-up expenses, and the employment of competent local staff. 

Of particular value to ICMC members and Church partners:

  • ICMC asserts a Catholic perspective on migration. Working in collaboration with the Secretariat of State, the Pontifical Council for Migrants and Itinerant People, and Catholic Bishops Conference and assemblies worldwide, ICMC promotes a positive approach to migrants and migration.  This approach centres upon the insistence of Catholic Social Teaching on: the dignity of every human being - regardless of immigration status; a respect for their labour and rights; and the distinct values of family unity, solidarity and the common good.
  • ICMC prioritises the needs of Church members and partners. Under its Statutes and in practice, ICMC gives focuses on the migration-related concerns of the bishops conferences, and on supporting them in (a) policy formation and advocacy; (b) increasing the capacity of local Church structures; (c) information-sharing, network building and action among different bishops conferences and assemblies; and (d) "filling gaps" with respect to special needs, emergencies or functions in the field of migration that cannot be addressed by national entities.