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New documentary video highlights impact of ICMC’s work with most vulnerable

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Focus on Pakistan

When the 7.6 magnitude earthquake hit northern parts of Pakistan in 2005, an estimated 80,000 people lost their lives, and countless others went missing. More than half a million people were uprooted, left homeless, disabled, traumatized, orphaned or widowed in an area already notorious for poverty even before the disaster.

Today, with the help of funding from CAFOD, Caritas Italy and Caritas Germany, ICMC is working with the Sarhad Rural Support Programme (SRSP) and the Strengthening Participatory Organization (SPO) to strengthen the capacity of local communities towards being sensitive and responsive to the needs of the most vulnerable among them, with a special emphasis on promoting gender equality.

As part of this work, ICMC and its local partners financially support a select number of individuals who are exceptionally vulnerable and encourages them to start their own enterprises so that they can earn a decent living and become productive.

“After the earthquake, an organization called SRSP came to my village and made community organizations and included us as members. My community organizer presented my case to the organization and shared my problems. The organization verified my condition and supported me,” explains Mohammed Altaf, a former tailor who felt useless after having been left crippled from the disaster. “Now I am able to earn a decent living for my family. They gave me Rs. 150,000 to start my small business, so I can also help others. So what if I am disabled? It is my responsibility to help others.”

In a similar case, Din Mohammad, an elderly carpenter shares his story: “The NGO (SRSP/ICMC) came and helped me by the grace of Allah. They gave me money to buy machines in order to earn a good living. My condition is much better now, and others are also benefitting from it. My work is much better now.”

The newly released documentary highlights how these activities have facilitated remarkable changes for extremely vulnerable individuals within their local communities. Individuals, especially women, are now aware of their rights and have stepped forward to play an active role, not only in the protection of their own rights, but also in that of their fellow villagers and community members.

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