UNHCR Annual Consultations with NGOs

First aid, recovery and referral

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UNHCR Annual Consultations with NGOs

GENEVA 25 June 2008 -- Recalling the urgent need to address gaps in response to migrant victims of violence or trauma within a distinct slice of time, ICMC and other non-governmental organisations stress the importance of developing an effecient system for first aid, recovery and referral of victims along international borders.

Drawing from the experience of ICMC Members and resettlement deployees working in countries such as Malta and Somalia, ICMC argues that, while mixed migration is complicated, the need for protection is not. The most urgent gap in response, says ICMC, lies in the distinct slice of time just after rescue or arrival, and just before asylum, refugee and victims protection, integration and/or return processes. 

Both pro- and pre- status determination, ICMC contends that ensuring first aid, recovery and referral services that are more than ad hoc during this time guarantees appropriate support and protection for asylum seekers, children, vulnerable women and victims of trafficking or torture who may currently be overlooked and/or not provided with needed medical, psycho-social, legal or referral assistance.



Voices From the Field

The Coloured Ones: The unheard voices of albino refugees in Nyarugusu Camp, Tanzania

TANZANIA, 28 March 2014 (ICMC) – It was during my time as a resettlement expert that I first heard of the challenges faced by albino refugees in Nyarugusu Camp, Tanzania. Believed to have magic powers, albinos in this region are often attacked and sometimes killed, despite efforts by the Government to end such violent practices.

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